Lands End

The other day we went on a bike ride through a very pretty neighborhood. The road got smaller and smaller and eventually dead ended at the ocean. The tide was far out exposing dark boulders, the sun was out and there was only a slight breeze so the water was smooth. Here are a few photos from then.

As usual in this area, here is one of several little fishing huts with it’s giant net for fishing.

As we were standing there a couple arrived wearing chest high water proof boots and carrying these nets. I have seen many people doing this in the last month or so. We think it is to catch small shrimp in the water at the water’s edge when the tide has gone out.

Look at all of the rocks and boulders they had to climb over to get to the water.

A stained glass mermaid seen in the window of a nearby restaurant.

I just loved the view there with the smooth water, the distant sailboats and the blue sky.

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