For A While

We are in Paris for one week. Maurice wanted to come back to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. We arrived at the Montparnasse train station after a three hour trip and as we were headed towards the metro, a mouse ran over my foot. I screamed and jumped around, sure it was going to run up my leg although I don’t know why it would. Maurice was ahead of me and didn’t know any of this was going on. When I told him he said, “At least it wasn’t a rat!” I’ve seen mice before running along the walls in the metro quais and also on the tracks. Part of life. Anyway, we arrived back to gray skies and a little rain here and there. Our apartment seems dark and gloomy after our place at Chatelaillon and I can hear the neighbors little girl crying in the apartment above ours. We are heading back to the beach for a few more weeks before coming back to Paris for the rest of the autumn and winter.

Near the Palais Royal is a wonderful short street lined with these beautifully sculpted designs.

Another look a little further away.

As you can see in this photo at Palais Royal, it was raining. At least it clears out the people.

We met friends in Montmartre for dinner, the part of Paris full of steps.

3 thoughts to “For A While”

  1. I love the look of rain swept streets, especially at night with the glint of light on them.
    Lovely photos. Enjoy your stay in Paris and ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday♪ ♫ to Maurice’s daughter!

  2. I like the Palais Royal empty of people, so nice to be able to see the architecture. And all that space in the rain has a mysterious quality to it.

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