Looking Back

I’m back at the beach but, because of a cold/flu (?), I haven’t done much of anything so I went back to the photos I took while in Paris and am posting those. I always wonder where I pick up the germs that lead to being sick. I’m thinking it was probably on the metro and I’m trying to train myself to use that anti-bacterial hand solution each time I leave the metro train. I woke up the morning we arrived back in Chatelaillon with a sore throat (I had been sneezing and sniffing in Paris the day before we left), something I seldom get but, which I’ve learned over time, means I’m going to be very ill. I told Maurice that I needed to go to the doctor. He headed off to his own doctor’s appointment and, a little later, my throat started to feel better so I thought I would just let nature take it’s course. Then I received a phone call from Maurice. He had actually remembered to call the doctor for me and told me I had ten minutes to get to her office. I was, luckily, dressed, so I quickly climbed on my bike and made it on time and, this is rare, only had to sit in the waiting room for about two minutes before she called me in. The last time I had been there it was August and she was on vacation and a replacement saw me. He was not your usual representation of a doctor with conservative hairdo, dress pants, and buttoned down shirt but a stand in actor for Miami Vice with his hair pulled back into a ponytail, trendy glasses, Hawaiian patterned shirt under a linen jacket, jeans, and funky white shoes. I told my doctor he was very “exotique” and she gave me a knowing smile. She is, herself, what I have found most female doctors in France to look like-very practically dressed, hair given very little thought, and over-worked. Anyway, she listened to my chest and said it sounded horrible and that the back of my throat was colorful and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I hate to take them and I think French doctors tend to over-prescribe them but I felt bad enough to get the prescription filled. Three days later and I am just starting to feel better. Maybe I would have anyway without the antibiotics. Hopefully, I will get outside today where we are having stellar weather, that famous Indian Summer, and the temperatures are in the high 70’s. I hate to waste weather like that. So, back to Paris:

One of the famous Paris passages. They are always a step back in time. Maurice’s son has his business office in one of them. It is loaded with places to eat and I often meet Maurice there for lunch.

This passage has several shops selling antique stamps.

I often take photos of restaurants that look like a place where I would like to have a meal. It’s like I sometimes choose wine, by the shape of its bottle, intrigued by the design behind it. Something about the shape and colors of the chairs and that wooden floor appeals to me.

The striped poles in Palais Royal. I like the red umbrella being held by the lady in the rear.

4 thoughts to “Looking Back”

  1. Sorry you have been sick and it sounds like a good thing you got to the doctor. I think exercise helps keep me from getting sick, but I’m knocking on wood as a I say that. Those passages are so cozy somehow. Want to play along with Dreaming of France today?

  2. Hello Linda, I agree about the red umbrella. I’m glad to hear you are improving so quickly. I as ill four times this past year; very unusual for me and I hope this is not a new trend! Like you, I always wonder where I got the germ. It often seems to be when I’ve gone visiting in another city, for some reason.

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