Bordeaux 2

You didn’t think I would only do one posting on Bordeaux, did you? I took too many photos for just one.

There is a relatively new fountain, The Mirrors, on the other side of the street from the old Bourse. When it is still (it isn’t full of water, just wet marble) you get this.

When it runs, you get this fog like water. Maurice even went and stood in the middle and didn’t get wet. It was full of people in the afternoon when the temperatures were high. As is often the case here in France, there are high temperatures at the end of September.

A duvet hanging high in a window to air out, a very European custom. I’ve never done this because my windows are always too dirty.

Another gate from a wall that once circled Bordeaux. Glad they saved it. They had a Roman Coliseum which they slowly tore down and only a small section now remains.

A mascaron, carved face, that are seen on many buildings in Bordeaux.

Even more to come!

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