Saint Emilion

I don’t know much about Bordeaux wine, mainly because I’m cheap. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine and not like it when I try a glass at home. I’m spoiled by those four Euros bottles of rose I drink often. When we were in Bordeaux we drove out into the countryside to look at the vineyards and stopped in the famous little village of Saint Emilion (named after a pries who lived in a grotto here centuries ago).

It’s a hilly little village and the narrow streets are covered with stones brought over from England. Ships from France carried wine over to England but returned without cargo which made the ships too light so stone were loaded on the boats to even it all out and they were then broken up and eventually used to make the cobble-stoned streets here. Who knew.

One of the many shops there selling Saint Emilion wine. We never have any idea how to select a Bordeaux wine and throw ourselves upon the mercy of a shop seller for advice. We bought three bottles at a special price and, also, a more expensive bottle of Bordeaux called Beychelle that we had once years ago and liked. We are saving them for a special occasion.

Another view of the village. It was really lovely and almost Disney-like in perfection and cleanliness.

Cute sign.

A look at the vineyards spread out everywhere. The grapes were still on the vines and harvest was a couple of weeks away. Some of the slopes are so steep that the grapes have to be picked by hand. I used to think it might be fun to volunteer on a vineyard and cut bunches of grapes off of the vines during the harvest but I’ve read that it is really hard work so I’ve let that idea go.

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