We had friends here visiting us from Paris so I have taken tons of photos. The first place we always head for after picking up someone at the train station is La Rochelle and there was no exception with them. It’s such a beautiful city to walk around.

The two towers on the harbor are the first things we always go to see.

There is a tiny beach where the city ends at the water and we found this sand sculpture created by someone asking for tips. It was a “merman”. I don’t know why.

I liked how he did the hair.

A bit of a wall leading into a channel there.

There is a house there with a little enamel cat on the roof. I guess the owners like cats?

A third tower, the Lantern Tower, freshly cleaned.

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  1. I can’t help wondering if the birds are fooled by that enamel cat, or do they sit on his tail and chirp away? The merman is quite elegant, I, too, like his hair.

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