Île de Ré Again


A trip to Île de Ré is always a must when you have company. I love to show people around there. They are always so delighted with the little villages, looks at the ocean and beaches and the beach lifestyle there.

Here’s the lovely bridge you cross when going from La Rochelle to ÃŽle de Ré-it’s a photo I took of a postcard being as I am seldom in a helicopter here.

I love these little door knockers shaped like a lady’s hand. They are so elegant.

But I especially liked this door knocker shaped like a fish-perfect for a house on an island.

One thought to “ÃŽle de Ré Again”

  1. I wondered how you got that photo of the bridge. If only there were a mountain nearby you could go to the top and get that photo. The fish door knocker is cute.

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