There’s a really great market that I have written about before in the village on ÃŽle de Ré in la Flotte. It has been there since the middle ages and still has an ancient feel that I love.

Here’s an old photo showing the market in action way back when. I’m so glad I don’t have to dress like that anymore.

Here’s a shot of a corner stall there. This place sells the best food to go. We got some great savory bread that we sliced for hors d’ouvres that evening. They had a lot of things I would have bought for dinner if we had been heading straight home but I didn’t want it to sit in the car all day-food poisoning is not fun.

A cute sign hanging on the wall behind the stall. They sold a lot of pork products.

There was a flower stall there in the market too. I liked their sign. Our friend bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers there and, somehow, they survived the rest of the day in the trunk of the car and were beautiful at home when we finally able to get them into a vase with water.

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