A Connection

We were looking at this view in la Flotte on Île de Ré :

A sea wall along the harbor there.

when I turned around and saw an interesting iron sculpture on the wall behind us:

It was of Nicolas Martiau who, it turns out, was born on Île de Ré, immigrated to the States and built a fence in Jamestown famous for keeping out the angry Indians and, to my amazement, is related to George Washington, the first president of the US. Who knew, right? I googled him while standing there and saw that there was a statue of George Washington in Saint Martin on the island so when we arrived there we went to the Ernest Cognacq Museum to see it. Because I was an American wanting to see the statue which was in the garden, they let me in for free.

And here it is. The sun was in the wrong place so it’s not a good look. There is a medallion underneath of Nicola Martiau. The statue is a copy of one in Virginia. It was installed in the garden of the museum by the American ambassador in 2007. Our friend who was with us belongs to the organization that had it put there-small world.

There aren’t many signs of autumn here in this area. Most of the trees seem to be evergreens and the ones which aren’t just sort of drop brown leaves eventually. I’ve seen berries on bushes and the sun is going down earlier and earlier, the only signs I’ve noticed, so it was nice to see these bright red leaves on a building in Saint Martin.

I liked these flowers too-maybe roses?

8 thoughts to “A Connection”

  1. Good Morning! I love these flowers, but not sure what they are exactly 🙂

    There is a statue of George Washington (well, from his torso up) in Lugano, near the lake. I took a photo when there in May but it didn’t turn out very well, due to time of day.

    I love small-world connections

  2. Great photos. It’s always wonderful to find new statues and then learn something. Your white flowers are lovely, I feel like I should know what they are, but sadly I don’t.

  3. Those red leaves against the blue shutter are terrific. They definitely speak of fall. Even the shadows on the Ile de Re and the statue of George show the fall too.
    Thanks for playing along today.

  4. How interesting about that connection to G.W.!

    Coming from the northeastern U.S., I do so miss the fall foliage colors; there are no maple trees around with their brilliant reds and oranges. So when I see a climbing vine with red leaves, like the one in your photo, I just love it!

  5. Such a lovely photo of the shutters and the climbing red vines. And an added bonus is they’re in the colors of the French flag – blue, white and red – an unbeatable combination. 🙂 (That is, along with the red, white and blue of the American flag.)

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