Seen From A Bike

We were on Ile d’Aix, a short ferry ride from Fouras, and rented bikes to ride around the island.

Our friends, for some reason, decided to rent a bicycle for two. I would never do this as I have to be in control of the speed and the brakes. They seemed to enjoy it though. Note her shoes. That was the only pair she bought for a trip to the beach. She was always dressed to the T. I as wearing old jeans and tennis shoes since I knew we would be riding bikes.

As you can see, Ile d’Aix is shaped like a croissant. There were maps along our bike route showing our location. We stopped at Baby Beach, a small beach with golden sand. We could see Chatelaillon across the water and our friend even got a sort of blurry view of our place across the water. When we are in our apartment, we can see Ile d’Aix. If it is really clear, we can even see trees sticking up. The island has a lot of vegetation.

You couldn’t tell it was Autumn by the trees and bushes-nothing was turning golden or rust colored. I guess most of the vegetation is the type that either stays green all year or just drops brown leaves sometime in the winter. There were a lot of berries, though, as you can see.

We had to leave our bikes and hike a bit to find a fort. We were a bit lost when these three little girls drove up on their bikes and gave Maurice directions. He asked them if they knew bikes weren’t allowed there. They did but didn’t care. I think they were island residents. Very cute and talkative little girls.

4 thoughts to “Seen From A Bike”

  1. Thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. Also, thank you for sharing bits of France with us. Unfortunately, some of us can barely afford to leave the county let alone the Country. I enjoy viewing France through your lens. You have a good I for composition. I especially thought the sea wall pic had nice lines. Keep up the good work.

  2. Actually, a bicycle built for 2 is a lot of fun. In college, my roommate and I would ride one all around campus all the time and it was a blast. You do get used to whichever seat you’re on however, and it’s difficult to change seats – it’s a balance thing. Don’t know if I’d want to try it again at my age but glad I had the experience earlier. Your guest looked very chic with her suede boots but I’m with you RE “sensible shoes.” (is she French?)

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