Back to a Parade

For several years running, I have missed the wine festival parade help up on Montmartre every year in October. This year it turned out I was arriving the day of the parade so I quickly took my suitcase home and got on the metro to see it and arrived just as it was passing. It was a beautiful day too, with sunshine. That always helps.

Many colorful outfits worn by people in either organizations having to do with wine or areas in France producing wine. It was the 80th anniversary of the wine festival so the parade had more participants than usual. These guys look like the popular poster seen around Montmartre-very traditional.

The parade always has a couple in stilts.

More color.

Some wore wooden clogs. I bet they were murder walking up the hills of Montmartre.

A Miss Montmartre!

The person in front of me stuck their phone up just as I took this photo of what looks like Wild Bill Hickcock. He, the real Wild Bill, actually did visit France with his wild west show with real Indians and was very popular.

Strawberry reps from Carpentras. I guess they had a stall up on top of Montmartre by Sacre Coure. I never made it up there.

There was music too-well, drums mostly. It added to the fun.

One thought to “Back to a Parade”

  1. Thanks for showing me a bit of what we missed this year (we had intended to go, but had some other things going on the same afternoon so we never made it). I love Les Poulbots (the little kids with their drums and costumes) and all the wine people with their capes and hats. Also love that some of them are giving out free wine samples as they pass by!

    But isn’t it hysterical that the French don’t stay off to the sidewalks when these parades happen? (Just like they won’t line up for much of anything except fresh baguettes at the nearest bakery.) Instead they crowd into the street so there is barely room for the parade marchers to pass by, and you can’t tell who is IN the parade and who is WATCHING it sometimes.

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