I had read about an abandoned building set to be demolished whose owner gave permission for the interior and exterior to be painted by grafitti artists. I thought it sounded interesting and thought I would show up 45 minutes early on a Tuesday morning to beat the crowd. I didn’t think there would be one but, when I arrived, I found at least 500 people ahead of me. A friend came to meet me and we stood in line for an hour without it moving so I decided the outside would have to be enough. I don’t know if I will try again. Maybe if I take a chair and a good book.

One side in striking orange.

What an artist, right?

A sort of nursery theme going.

Intricate work.

Another really good artist.

Huge work on the other side.

From across the street. My place in line was under that giant S. I think it would have been a four hour wait from here. I did that once to see the interior of the President’s Palace but I wasn’t willing to do it this time.

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