Around Saint Sulpice

Saint Sulpice is a beautiful church made famous around the world by the book, The Da Vinci Code-it’s where the albino priest goes to find the “secret” by an obelisk there. It’s near the Luxembourg Gardens and is a beautiful area.

Here it is. If you look you can see that the tower on the right is darker than the tower on the left. That’s because the one of the right was cleaned years before the other. In fact, the scaffolding was up around it when I first moved here to Paris and didn’t come down for years. It shows the quick effects of pollution.

Down a narrow street, more of an alley really, you get a side view of the church. Look at that blue sky. It was such a pretty day.

You will find two sphinx, female, above a gate of a building there.

You will also see this wall covered with the words from a French poem.

Title of the poem and the author. Maurice is very familiar with it. I’ve never heard of it.

Here is an explanation telling why the poem was posted on the wall. The poet gave a reading at a cafe by Saint Sulpice.

If you go in the opposite direction heading towards St Germain Blvd, you will see the equally famous St Germain des Pres Church. It’s much older than Saint Sulpice. I don’t like it as well though. It’s very dark inside.

2 thoughts to “Around Saint Sulpice”

  1. Gorgeous photos. I’ve heard of Rimbaud but not actually read his poetry. I love the idea of a sphinx outside a church, but I guess the sphinx was guarding another building.

  2. It’s a beautiful church, and a lovely area. I walked around there quite a bit on our trip this year. I didn’t see that poetry wall or the sphinx though. Paris always has more to delight doesn’t it?

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