Towers of Flowers

If I’m in the neighborhood of the George V hotel, I always pop in to take a look at their flower displays. They are done by an American, Jeff Leatham, who is given a huge allowance to buy flowers in Amsterdam and I think he is the one who started designing floral arrangements with huge clear vases with the flowers often slanting at an angle. He didn’t do that this time.

This is what you see as you enter the lobby. As you can see, white orchids are the flower being used this month.

A closeup using the great lighting there.

In the huge central courtyard, which is where I think breakfast is eaten, is this striking water feature with purple orchids streaming above.

Some more orchids by the bar.

This is a lovely room in which to have tea. Notice the live piano music being played. I actually had tea here once-a friend paid.

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  1. Oooh, how gorgeous. Last trip to Paris I had breakfast at Le Meurice, it was extraordinary, I imagine it would be here too. Breakfast is a great way to enjoy these spaces that otherwise we mere mortals can’t afford.

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