Village Saint Paul

The Marais district of Paris is a very interesting one. The sun was out the other day and it was so warm that I ended up carrying my sweater and I redid the walk I do when showing people around this area.

I always take this alley when I leave the metro at the Saint Paul stop.

This grafitti was there on the wall. The artist makes a mold of his face then decorates it.

I love this elegant door.

Just your every day castle right there in the middle of resident buildings. It’s newly cleaned.

In the enormous “courtyard” called the Village Saint Paul you can find little antique shops and restaurants. This door has been there for a long time. I like it because it’s a door decorated as a garden door. I also wonder if someone will cover it up one day.

A beautiful grafitti there. I’ve seen something similar in other places in Paris.

See those shutters underneath the windows? We used to have the same thing under our kitchen window. They let air in to keep things like milk and butter cool before the days of refrigerators. Ours also let in dust and bugs so we eventually sealed it off.

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  1. The under-window-shutters for keeping dairy items cool are interesting. Who knew? Were your shutters in the old or new apartment?

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