Usually when we visit relatives in the States we make a side trip to explore some region, usually new to us, there. This year we went to Maui. Mostly photos of sunsets and palm trees but, then, that’s so much of what you see there. They had a cold front come in while we were there and it only got up to 82 degrees. Ha.

Near us there was a lot of surfing. This was part of a surfing class. We were on the west side of Maui so the surf was mild. It was very high on the northern section.

Saw a few of these on the beaches.

A fun, funky place where we had breakfast one morning. We stayed in Kihei and I highly recommend it. It’s near good beaches and there are many places to eat.

Palm trees against a great blue sky.

More palm trees, these near an old church and cemetery.

A gentle sunset on a calm sea.

More dramatic water and coast lines as you go north on the Hana highway.

Nice sunset in Lahaina. We saw a very good show on the Hawaiin culture while there called Ulalena. Of course, the Hawaiins were shown as a mostly peace loving people ruined by the arrival of Cook but there were wars between various tribes and human sacrifice before he ever arrived. I guess it’s the way of the human nature, to conquer others. Anyway, the play showed their beliefs and stories. Towards the end I was hoping for some hula skirts and hula dancing and, indeed, they did one at the very end but it made me want to go to a luau which we didn’t do.

I think most flights, if not all, leave after 10PM from Maui back to the mainland. We were backing up from the gate when the pilot came on and said, “Well, folks…” which is never a good thing. In this case, the right engine wouldn’t start-sort of important-so we ended up being taken to a resort hotel and didn’t get to bed until 4 AM. This photo is of the courtyard of the resort, it has 500 rooms, and not the sort of place we like to stay but it was beautiful. The problem was that, once again the plane didn’t leave until 10:30 that night and we had to be out of our room at noon. Maurice was able to sweet talk the girl at the front desk into letting us stay until two but that still left us sitting in the lobby for six hours until we left for the airport. I know everyone is saying, “Too bad having to spend another day in Maui!” but we were in an isolated area and couldn’t explore much. It got really hot and humid and I just didn’t want to be out in it getting all hot and sweaty. Anyway, we finally got back to Arizona to spend the last few days in the States with my Mother.

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  1. Love Maui! We used to always staay on the north shore close to the wind surfing beaches…we stayed in Paia…where we will be staying again next August 🙂 But the night life is better in Lahaina for sure.

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