Getting Ready For Christmas

I made a trip to the Christmas Market on the Champs Elysees a few days ago and it isn’t even December. I think it would have been more enjoyable at night with the lights all on but it was nice to walk around and see if I could find any gifts. American Christmas music played overhead (I don’t even know if the French have it. They must) and it was a chilly day and, since there were many hot drinks available, including hot beer and orange juice, it was a good way to warm up a bit.

As expected, there were many Christmas figures around, some sort of cheesy. They even had a wild west sort of show with animated animals from America such as buffalo and mountain lions. I think they were to educate children.

There was all sorts of food like these sausages served with grilled onions on bread. I saw several places selling hot soup and even tartiflette, a very filling meal from Alsace made of cheese, potatoes and bacon.

Christmas decorations were for sale, of course.

Close-up of one.

The official French name for the market on the side of a glass of hot chocolate that I drank.

Always tempting when it’s cold.

A look at the stalls shaped like chalets.

I have no explanation for this.

The market runs down to Concorde where the ferris wheel is set up this time of year. I need to get back at night for a shot of it lit up at night.

One thought to “Getting Ready For Christmas”

  1. Ha! The Santa/Statue of Liberty does leave once speechless.

    We’re still enjoying Thanksgiving left-overs and I refuse to switch to Christmas decor until at least a few days of Dec. have passed. However, I seem to be in the minority and wouldn’t be surprised to see a version of Santa/statue pop up in one of the stores. (although many of them have had “Christmas up” since Halloween.)

    Welcome home to Paris. Sounds as though you had a great month in the states.

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