Soul Kitchen


There are so many places to try up in Montmartre. I wish my own neighborhood had more of these kind of choices. Soul Kitchen is on a little visited street in the area. It was fun and had good food and drinks.

This looks like something you would see in Austin, Tx.

Like the butterflies.

The only Christmas decorations so far.

I had a cup of cider with ginger. I have a feeling it must be good for you. The food that I saw looked very tasty.

A cute statement on the wall. I like the little drawings.

At a places down the street. They didn’t have those outside heaters so offered blankets which I’m sure reek of cigarette smoke as smokers can’t smoke inside. Sort of ruins it for non-smokers who would like to be outside. The last time I tried it, a man next to me lit up a cigar.

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