Mice Are Contagious

I was in a metro stop that was under renovation with a friend. It was looking dirty and ratty and I saw a sign that I thought said in French, “Mice are contagious” Kind of strange but seeing the debris everywhere I could imagine mice being driven out by the work as tiles were torn down and holes dug in walls and I look around to see if I could see any mice racing along the base of the walls or on the tracks-I have before. And mice carry diseases, right? To show you how faulty my thinking is and how speed reading another language than my own can lead to errors my friend pointed out that the word wasn’t souris (mice) but sourires (smiles). Thus, smiles are contagious. Duh. Made me smile anyway.

I think this is a little mouse peering down amongst the flowers sculptured above a door.

Signs of Christmas are showing up in Paris. These perfect little trees are made into that perfect shape by wiring pine branches into place on an interior pole. We bought one last year. I liked that there weren’t any holes or imperfections and that you still got a pine scent.

This device over the window was used to bring up objects on a rope to apartments several stories up. I’ve never seen one used. When we had things moved up to our apartment, they were lugged up on the backs of the poor delivery men.

A photo in the Luxembourg Gardens on a sunny day-we’ve had several in a row and I think it’s going to continue for a week or so.

3 thoughts to “Mice Are Contagious”

  1. I do so love your pictures of Paris.

    A quick note. I went to buy your book, “Secrets of a Paris Tour Guide” and the link did not work.

    I got it off of Amazon directly, but you may want to double check the link.

  2. Good story! I remember people in French class getting them mixed up. I’ve been guilty of saying I combed my chevaux rather than my cheveux. (among my other errors!)

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