Around The Marais

When I told Maurice where I was going he said, “You’re going to the Marais again?” What can I say? I love it there.

First of all, could you have a prettier day? There was a chilly wind, though, but who wants to be inside when the sun is shining?

Interesting window.

This is olive oil with flakes of gold in it. I don’t know why you would want that but I bet it makes a really beautiful salad. Expensive, as you might imagine.

I’m still finding autumn leaves around. I heard just the other day that leaves turn later and hang on longer in cities because the buildings hold the warmth in. I thought it had more to do with light but hard to argue with when you still see golden leaves.

One thought to “Around The Marais”

  1. The weather in Paris has been spectacular. I was sitting in Jardin Luxembourg enjoying a pastry a week ago. I had no desire to be inside shopping with such beautiful weather.

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