Coffee and Vegetables

Little coffee shops are huge here right now. I guess they’ve been discovered by the French who seem to like places that resemble Brooklyn. The only problem is that most of the shops have followed Starbucks lead and charge four to five euros for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and, on top of that, the cups are small. Sort of feel cheated. Anyway, a friend and I went to a couple of places just for fun and afterwards hit a market which always has good photo ops.

This one was called Loustic and we each got a chai tea latte which was good and, for a change, in a larger glass. I liked the interior.

The walls had that funky look with old faded and torn wall paper on the walls.

A typical street in the third arrondissement.

At the market, piles of olives were glistening in the sun.

I thought the artichokes looked good.

As did these sun dried tomatoes in oil. I didn’t buy any though-just some almonds to munch on which turned out to be our lunch after a hot chocolate and Chai tea latte.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to me about Maurice. He is much improved, just a little dizzy. He still has a cold/flu so that’s keeping him home bound. I knew he was better when he asked me to go and buy himn a baguette. I never knew there were so many people that had suffered from vertigo nor of the exercises there are out there to help. I’m hoping this has all been just a one time event.

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  1. I’ve actually been having noticeable vertigo in the last few months. It’s been made worse because our current French Quarter apartment is SO uneven, even stationary objects barely stay upright. I read that Ginko was supposed to help, and I found that it did, although your mileage may vary, of course.

    My case wasn’t nearly as bad as Maurice’s, but if he finds himself with just an occasional mild trace of it, it might be something you will want to give a try.

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