The Romantic Life

I met a friend, Lisa, the other day at the Musée de la Vie Romantique It’s one of those small museums housed in a former home, this one in the home of the Dutch born artist, Ary Scheffer, who arrived in Paris in 1811 and became a fashionable portrait painter. He opened his studio every Friday to guests and many of them were famous such as George Sand, Chopin and Delacroix. The house itself is charming, a step back in time in the Romantic era. There are paintings there done by Scheffer, of course, but most of the museum is devoted to one of his guests, George Sand, the author. She was an interesting woman to say the least-married with two children but had numerous affairs the most famous being with Chopin. They had a rather unpleasant split up and, when he died two years later, she didn’t even go to his funeral. She was also known for wearing men’s clothing and smoked big cigars. I think Colette, another French author, did a lot of the same thing. Wild women! There are 170 artifacts belonging to Sands in the museum.

The museum at the end of a long entrance.

The entrance, just as it was in the 1800’s.

Here is a painting of the entrance by Scheffer. Note the rug on the banister. This was to preserve the modesty of women as they entered. Bet George Sands didn’t care.

An interesting family tree of George Sand who can trace her family back to the King of Poland. It branches off from here to Kings of France.

This is a molding of the hand of Chopin done by the son in law of George Sand. Doesn’t it look sensitive and artistic?

A well known painting of George Sand over a fireplace.

Don’t sit on the chairs. That’s some sort of thistle to remind you.

In the studio. I liked the windows and also this stove with the long tube reaching up to a wall. I bet it got rather chilly in there in the winter.

There’s a lovely garden there and a tea room which is only open in the summer so that would be the best time to visit and would probably be the highlight of your time there. Here’s another reason to visit in the summer:

There is a school next door. Just listen to that noise! I think it would ruin a nice day in the garden, thus summer.

3 thoughts to “The Romantic Life”

  1. This looks so much like Monet’s house in Giverny (but smaller). Same style, same shutters…the shutters are even painted the same green color.

    Sounds like a nice place to visit.


  2. Fascinating post Linda. I’m not familiar with this museum so thanks for featuring it. I agree that Georges Sand wouldn’t have been concerned with modesty – along with many other conventions of society. From what I’ve read, she was a bit of a loose cannon!

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