This and That

A mix of photos having to do with food and drink.

The communal table at a Pain Quotidien. I like the ambiance.

Things for sale on their shelves-an old time feel.

There is this little place on the lower part of rue des Martyrs, Popilinis.

They sell these little round eclairs filled with fabulous creams.

Ouch! Wouldn’t you hate to do this?

Waiting in line to buy bread in the evening at my local boulangerie.

7 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. I love the picture of the eggs! Clever of you to think to whip out your camera for that one.

    Where is Pain Quotidien located? I’d love to visit it.


  2. Really, is there any place in the world that makes food more enticing than France? I could stand in a bread line for ages and be content just looking at the pastries and all in the cases!

  3. Popilinis is an interesting name – I wonder if it’s someone’s name or just a catchy word they made up. Those eclairs are really unusual; wish I could try one. Which flavor is your favorite?

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