In My Hood

I don’t find my neighborhood as picturesque as, say, Montmartre but if I venture a bit out of my part of the 12th I find interesting things to photograph.

This day as I started out it was raining. When it stopped, the streets were washed clean and the sun actually came out.

There is a shop on Rue Faubourg Saint Antoine that sells middle Eastern things mostly. I buy a mix of spices there called Ras El Hanout for a chicken dish I make. It’s a lot less expensive than grocery stores.

Preserved lemons for making tagines among other things. It only cost one euro for one container.

I was waiting for the bus back home, just looking around enjoying the architecture. I love this style, or mix of styles I should say.

Pretty roses for sale at a florist.

This makes me want to go in for a drink. Very inviting.

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  1. All of these photos make me long for France. I especially love that first photo — it’s just so French. The sky and the sunshine in the fourth picture also make my heart sing. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you’re blogging so much.

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