Once again I was out for lunch. This time it was on Rue St Anne which is famous for its Japanese restaurants. We had some good pot stickers and then went for coffee-tea for me-at a nearby coffee house, one of many new ones being found in Paris.

One of the signs for a cross street had been renamed, very apt for so many Japanese places in the area.

We saw this man dressed in a fabulous sheared fur coat and interesting hat. I wish I could have gotten a photo from the front. He was really a fashion plate.

The new coffee place is called Telescope. It was packed. Many people stood at the bar to drink.


Goodies for sale. I don’t really know what the fuss is about to tell you the truth but, then, I’m not a coffee lover.

Someone’s shopping bag there. Not a very good name to an American. Did you know the French call pimples buttons? Who knew?

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  1. We were JUST in that quarter (Rue St Anne/Petit Champs) yesterday because there is a Japanese mini-market Georges has been wanting to check out; we (and the little guy) love Japanese food and would like to have it at home more often, and the market is even open on Sundays. It’s just on the Rue des Petit Champs on the left from Avenue de l’Opera.

    “Acne”? Ew. You’re right, not a good name. It means the same in French as in English, I had to look it up to check, but yes.

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