A Good Burger

In the Faubourg St Denis area, in the covered market of St Martin, is a little place called au Comptoir de Brice. The chef wanted a casual place with simple, good food (he even calls it “gourmet junk food”) and it is becoming very popular.

Entering the very nice St Martin covered market.

The open kitchen of the restaurant.

I saw them using these copper pans-they weren’t just for looks.

When I first saw this stack of bread, I thought it was cornbread but it turned out to be a foccacia of sorts.

If you order a burger you get two of these-like sliders-with the fries and salad. The burger was really good. I saw a type of croque monsieur next to me but it was made of duck and foie gras and looked delicious. The steak looked good too at a pricy 25 euros. So I recommend the food. The seating was a bit uncomfortable and it was a crowded room but fun.

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