Then And Now


I’ve been in Switzerland for almost a week taking care of my five grandsons. It wasn’t as difficult as you might think as the three oldest pretty much take care of themselves. The five year old is getting there. The two year old, of corse, was more work but is an easy going kid-if not crossed by his brothers-and we got along pretty well.
When I got home, I unpacked, washed a load of clothes, repacked to leave on the next day for the French Alps.


We are going to ski for six days. To tell you the truth, I am really not wanting to. I don’t like to be cold and skiing can be hard work if you aren’t in shape which I’m not. My first day was not fun as I haven’t skiied in five years or so and the ski area, Champagny, seems full of mostly advanced runs plus they don’t groom the slopes here that I can tell. I strggled all day and was happy to get back to our rental for a hot bath.


One of the entrances to a ski lift. Very few people. Fresh snow too.

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