My Very Cold, Not Very Good Day


My day started off good as we got off the ski lift and headed toward another area. Finally there were runs that were my level-the intermediate ones that weren’t actually advanced runs no matter what the signs said. I felt in control again not fighting to keep my speed under control as I made wide turns to get to the bottom. We went down five hills and up five lifts before getting to the area we wanted to try called les Arcs which is where Maurice once had a little place. There was a new type of gondola, a telepheric, which took over 200 people at a time across the valley below. It took 30 years to build and took you from one mountain to another. We got across, had lunch, and then came back without skiing at les Arcs as we were afraid we would miss the necessary lifts to get back to our starting point. This was when my day turned bad as it had started snowing and I couldn’t see the ground, just white. You need special goggles or glasses for snow conditions or visibility is pretty much nil. So we went down one hill, up a lift, down a hill, up a lift x5. By then I was exhausted and had reached my limit. Of course, this would be when I would fall. I hate to fall-it’s so hard to get up-and, because I was fatigued, I couldn’t get up. Maurice was down the hill waiting and yelling for me to hurry up and get up but I just couldn’t. I told him that I didn’t think I could make it and I really didn’t think I could. I finally had to get my skies off of my boots in order to get up. I skied down to Maurice and told him I couldn’t make it. He said, I had to, I didn’t have any choice. So I started down the hill again on wobbly legs thinking we would be finished but found another damn lift to take up again but the hill, when we got to the top, was the last one before we took the gondola to the base at last. We made it with five minutes to spare. I was never so glad to sit down in my life. It’s hard to carry your skies, trudging along in your heavy ski boots after a tiring day. I made it but I think I’m going to pass on any more skiing. I think I’ve done my last day of skiing ever. I have turned the page, eneded the chapter on this part of my life. Maurice is going to have to do a lot of talking to get me on the slopes again. I have no photos of the day as there would only be white on gray to be seen. Give me the beach anyday.
I have to say, though, that I did enjoy the beauty of the snow and the mountains.

Where I ended the day. Perfect

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  1. The après-ski is the best part, if you ask me. Your story sounds a lot like what I went through in Switzerland. Thought I’d have to hike all the way down this HUGE mountain because I was so out of my league and feared I would break a bone, I kept falling every few feet. Then a very kind lady skied over to me – she must have seen me struggling to hike down – and she told me she would stay with me every step of the way and that we’d go very slowly but to put my skis back on or it would take hours! She was my angel that day, I think she saved me from very serious harm. I never skied in the Alps again, though; that was in 1986! Too hard for me, even then. I skied in PA and VT and NY state after that, but not in the Alps. Never again. If Georges and I ever go skiing with any of the kids I will camp out by the fire with a drink and a book, and wait for them to have their fun.

  2. I think that retiring from skiing now is an excellent idea. You sit in the nice warm and safe lodge while Maurice does the skiing.


  3. I have to clap for you because you tried. You did more then I would have. I was out of breath just reading about your adventure!

  4. A+ for effort and doesn’t that fire look cozy :-). Wish I could have joined you for a soothing cognac and long chat while the skiers skied. 🙂

  5. That sounds like a marathon of a day – no wonder you were exhausted. Rather than call it quits forever, can you get a half-day pass in future – then you know you’ll have to stop before you collapse! Sounds like your husband is a keen, skilled skier – oh well….Glad you could enjoy the beauty – we’ve got new snow on the mountains here today – gorgeous!

  6. So glad you weren’t injured. I’m with Lisa – fire, drink, book. I tried skiing only once and never could stand up. I felt so foolish sitting there on the snow as legions of 8 year olds skied around me.

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