Another Look

We arrived back in Paris on Saturday and it is so nice to be home. I downloaded some photos from my camera instead of those from my Iphone so thought I would post some of those until I get out into Paris again.

This was the view from our bedroom window after a fresh snow. We were in Champagny en Vanoise in the French Alps, about a four hour train ride from Paris.

A closeup of a blue spruce with snow and ice on it.

Church in Haut le Champagny, north of us. They got a lot more snow being at a high elevation.

The little cemetery behind the church.

Danger of getting covered by snow falling from the roofs.

One day we took a bus to Courchevel, a very upscale resort as you can see by this lady in her fur coat. In fact, the property in Courchevel is sixth in the world in cost. There were upscale shops there, such as Louis Vuitton and the like. It was rather like Vale in Colorado.

The view from the gondola taking us down to our village.

As you know, I didn’t have the best time skiing. I think I needed some easier runs. We were there with some French people. One evening I could feel cold air coming in from the french doors and I closed the curtains. What a reaction I got. They wanted them opened even though you could see anything but a few lights. One person said it was a cultural difference. I seem to remember reading a book years ago about how a French person was amazed that curtains were closed at night as she walked along a street one night in America. In any case, someone even said that Americans close the curtains because we are puritanical. I had a fit. While I am puritanical in some ways, such as at a doctor’s office or getting an x-ray when you aren’t given a gown, closing the curtains had nothing to do with that. Every morning they would have croissants without plates getting crumbs all over the place. I have to say, a week was too long and it will be a long time before I share a vacation with anyone else, no matter who, unless I can go to my own separate apartment or hotel room. I don’t think I will be going skiing again either. We had a couple of bad experiences as you can probably tell. I’ll end it there.

6 thoughts to “Another Look”

  1. These are beautiful photos. My heart goes out to you regarding the strenuous skiing and the cultural comments. It’s tough to be the token American in any scenario.

    You had my sympathy at crumbs on the table and no plate for the croissant. oy!

    Have a restful week, Linda.

  2. I sympathize although I have never been in that position. But calling you puritanical was really out of line…..I guess they never heard of curtains providing insulation! DUH Or eating on plates!

    And I do think you should “retire” from skiing. It sounds like torture.


  3. Traveling with other people is always difficult. I thought the French were the ones deadly afraid of breezes and they close their shutters at night so it is pitch-black. I love your photos. In the photo of the church, are those snow rollers in the snow? We had some of them here in Ohio.

  4. Beautiful photos. (LOVE that first one – what a view!) Sorry your trip was a bust but you take so many wonderful trips that you can concentrate on forgetting this one and thinking about all of the great ones.

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