Year of the Horse

Every year I try to go to at least one Chinese New Year Parade. This year is the year of the (wood) horse. There was a chilly wind blowing but it didn’t stop anyone enjoying the parade.

Chinese dragons were putting on shows here and there to the sound of loud beating drums.

This one was waiting for the parade to start.

Some older but limber ladies doing a fan dance.

Liked his makeup.

I loved these red fish sort of floating around on sticks.

The parade hadn’t started yet. I don’t know what this man was doing but I wish he hadn’t gotten into my photo.

There were five or six of these chinese dragons dancing up a storm in front of a store called “The Big Store”. At the end, they all entered the store, with tails wagging and ears flapping.

Then they set off an enormous string of fire crackers that hurt my ears and just about gave me asthma with all of the smoke.

Here is a video of those Chinese dragons:

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  1. Linda, You find the most interesting things in Paris. I didn’t even know there was a Chinatown in Paris. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today.

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