Around Notre Dame

After our visit to the Cluny Museum and lunch, Lisa and I headed toward Notre Dame, a short distance away. It was a bit chilly but the sun was out and it was great to be outside.

Right across the street from where we ate was this bagel place. I’m starting not to be surprised when I see something American in Paris.

Here’s a selection of what was for sale. Lisa, being a New Jersey girl, bought one to try out but she said that it was too baguette like, not dense and heavy as she is used to. They had cheese cake there too.

So, on we went to Notre Dame which is one of those places that always take your breath away.

You find this on the bridge behind Notre Dame. Lisa is starting a campaign to make it illegal to do this. The bridge sides are starting to collapse from the weight of the locks, the rust that forms is damaging and all of the keys thrown into the Seine don’t help the water. At first I thought it was rather charming but it does seem to be getting out of hand. People are there now to take photos of the locks more than looking at what is around them-that would be Notre Dame in this case. Lisa even heard a guide tell his clients that the Pont des Arts is called The Bridge of Locks.

Someone from Austin put this on the bridge-my old home city.

I saw this in the window of a wine shop on the way home. I always like a little humor.

5 thoughts to “Around Notre Dame”

  1. All that English and those American products make it look like Paris has been taken over by the Yanks! (That Austin lock is awful!)

  2. Hello Linda, from sunny Southern California. That last photo made me smile, and I totally agree with the sentiment! That bridge really has gotten out of hand . . . every time I see a photo of it over the space of the past few years, it is more and more crowded with locks.

  3. It is sad to see so many American things infiltrating France. I hope they take a stance against it. And, although the lock idea is charming, people always take it too far.

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