The Walk Home

Actually, on the walk to the bus stop from the Marais, I passed some interesting things.

This floral shop always has appealing windows. I was trying to get a photo of the florist inside holding a bouquet of anemones and sort of succeeded.

Found this little shop where the owner makes little figures inside decorative settings like this figure in a library.

You never know when you will see an angel.

As you can see, there is a Harley Davidson shop in Paris. They sell expensive boots and shirts if you are interested. It seems many people are, as it was full of people.

A place for seafood, lots of it, if you are hungry.

2 thoughts to “The Walk Home”

  1. I often wonder, when wandering the streets of Paris, how some of those little shops make any money, how they pay the rent, how the owners support themselves. Your picture of the figurine on the ladder in the library is a good example. I suppose someone buys from them — just not anyone I’ve ever known!

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