Bon, Tres Bon

There is a show on French TV about restaurants and food in, mostly, Paris called Bon, Tres Bon. They take a hidden movie camera into a restaurant and show you the food and then grade it with Tres Bon being the best. This last Sunday they also did a little feature on kebabs which I seldom have because I’m not sure what that meat is they are shaving off of that big hunk in front of a grill, although I used to eat them often in New York City. Anyway, they mentioned a sort of gourmet kebab place called la Grillé (15 rue Saint-Augustin) where that big slab of meat is compressed beef that has been marinated and it looked very tasty so I talked my friend, Barbara, into trying one with me. It was very good-not only the meat, but the homemade flat bread they rolled the meat into to.

Looks like your regular kebab place.

It was as good as it looks. The fries were made in house too.

Not far up the street (and it was a very interesting and lovely street) was a little store selling bow ties along with perfume and soap. It was called Oriza L.Legrand and was fun to poke around in while inhaling the lovely fragrance in the store.

I like nicely decorated spaces in small shops.

The soaps there.

A resident cat who could be bothered to wake up and greet us.

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  1. That looks like a very nice outing. I love, love, love kebabs. Next to the bow ties, those white things look like spats…could that be?

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