Hugo and Victor

I’m not sure when Printemps, one of those famous giant Parisian department stores, was renovated. I did notice a new interior at Christmas but didn’t really explore it much.

I went in to look when I noticed the scaffolding was down on the exterior. It could have happened months ago but I just noticed.

Pretty display on the ceiling at one of the entrances.

My eye was caught by the name, Hugo and Victor, making me think of the famous French author Victor Hugo. Their logo was a bit like Louis Vuitton too. They sold chocolate and had a cute cafe downstairs.

You can see it down below from a “skywalk”.

Other side. I would have tried something there if I hadn’t just eaten.

View of the escalators from the lower floor. Very futuristic looking.

3 thoughts to “Hugo and Victor”

  1. The exterior looks beautiful, and the escalators definitely look futuristic.

    I hope Maurice has fully bounced back from his recent illness.

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