Cafe Pouchkine

There are many new little cafes, tea shops and counters in Printemps now. One of them, new to me, is Cafe Pouchkine, a Russian pastry tea room. It was really delightful looking and I wished I hadn’t eaten lunch because I saw many things I would like to have tried.

The cafe itself.

Beautifully decorated.

A selection of yummy desserts.

Side view of exterior window.

I think I want to try one of these rose pastries next time I’m there. (PS-I read that it’s very expensive. Sometimes that will stop me from trying a place. Two Euros added to each drink if you sit at a table.)

4 thoughts to “Cafe Pouchkine”

  1. A Russian tea room in the midst of Printemps in Paris. What a fun mixing of cultures. I’d think the ambiance might be worth the extra two euros, but I’m probably thinking like a tourist.

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