Victor Hugo

In the beautiful Place des Vosges found in the Marais…

you will find the Victor Hugo Museum which is where the famous French author once actually lived.

He’s probably one of France’s most famous authors and wrote Hunchback of Notre Dame which became so popular that it shamed the government into renovated the badly damaged Notre Dame.

This room in full out oriental style was brought back from his home in Guernsey where he lived in exile for almost twenty years being against Napoleon III. Guernsey was, and still is, an English island right off the coast of France. He also designed a lot of the furniture and even made some of it.

A corner of a sort of desk which Hugo designed with signed letters from him and three other authors. Very unusual. He had it made to raise money for a school and ended up buying it himself.

A famous painting of him. When he died his coffin was set up under the Arc de Triomphe and two million people were in the funeral procession. He was, and is, probably the most famous French author ever to live, especially in France.

His bedroom done in opulent red. The ceilings in the apartment were wall papered as well and the bedroom had a tapestry on the ceiling.

He had quite an incredible view from his apartment of the park in the center of Place des Vosges. In the spring and summer you don’t get as good a view because the trees block it. When he lived here, there were only flower beds.

2 thoughts to “Victor Hugo”

  1. Son-of-a-gun! That’s quite a funeral procession! I like the desk that he had made and his bedroom, as well as “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” I’ve walked past this little museum twice, each time too tired to go in one more museum 🙂 Next time I’ll actually go in.

  2. I visited here in 2010, and absolutely loved it. The Place des Vosges location is special too. I was astonished by his writing desk, that he stood at it.

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