Livestock and Clothing

A bit of a mix for today’s blog. The Livestock was seen at the yearly Salon de Agriculture where thousands of farm animals are brought into Paris, along with an enormous food area. We took Maurice’s two year old grandson to look at the animals and the place was packed with families doing the same thing.

Lots of pigs, this one with some babies.

Cattle from every region of France. Here’s a row all laying down to chew their cud. They had some really enormous cows weighing over a ton. There were signs everywhere saying not to touch the animals but they were mostly ignored.

There was a sign saying that this cow was expecting twins which isn’t too hard to miss. Most of the animals had their heads away from passing people to, I imagine, cut down on the stress for the animals so we saw lots of hairy butts. Maurice’s little grandson enjoyed the animals but was most excited at a giant tractor there.

The next day I was walking around Paris with a friend and we went into Antoine et Lili, a colorful little chain that actually started in Paris in 1994. They also have a children’s store and home decorating store on the Canal Saint Martin.

The inviting front.

The interior was so feminine and lovely.

The ceiling.

The dressing room looking like a trailer.

For those tired men.

Lots of cute things-a little too young for me.

By the way, for those of you who wrote me about Maurice who has been sick for so long—it turns out he has mononucleosis which he probably caught from his teenage grandson. As with many illnesses, it is harder on older people. It’s nice to have a diagnosis and it was probably the cause of his vertigo. He’s much better now. I never caught it for some reason which makes me very happy.

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  1. What an interesting mixture of photos! We have lots of state and county fairs where we can take children to see livestock, but I didn’t think of that as a French style event! Then to have those photos interspersed with the shop was intriguing. Best wishes for a smooth recovery for Maurice.

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