What I Saw

Once again a mixture of photos that I took all on one day.

I went in a shop called Edelweiss which sold dress up clothing for children.

I wandered into Place Dauphin for a look-a very charming square on Île de la Cité.There are several restaurants overlooking the square.

A look at the center part of Place Dauphin which is rather bare, this being winter.

A view of Pont Neuf spanning the Seine.

Notre Dame in the other direction.

I often see couples in wedding gear having their photos taken in Paris.

On the way home on bus 29. You can see Notre Dame in the distance. Not every day is a sunny as this one, but we have had a very warm winter this year.

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  1. If I could live anyplace on earth I think I would choose to live in the Place Dauphin. It’s my favorite corner of Paris. Thanks for bringing it into my life today – a day that’s begun as very dark, rainy, windy in eastern North Carolina.

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