Spring Arrives at the Eiffel Tower

I just read that Spring weather is three weeks earlier than usual here in France and I can certainly attest to that. It has been in the 50’s and 60’s for weeks and I haven’t even worn my winter coat this year. I’m going to remove the warm inner lining to my lighter coat if I wear it at all. I had seen some photos of flowering trees at the Eiffel Tower so one day, when the skies were blue, I took line 6 to Trocadero, walked to the Eiffel Tower, took photos-I found some flowering trees and bushes-and then took bus 72 back to the Marais before heading home. It was a great day.

Here was a bit of a view of the tower through the arm of a statue below Trocadero.

The Eiffel Tower with no flowers-just its impressive self.

I found a bush with yellow flowers as foreground.

And a tree flowering pink.

Got a plane as it passed overhead. I wondered if the people on board were looking down at what was below them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Eiffel Tower from a plane but I did once see the Arch de Triomphe from a Easy Jet as we circled to land.

The area below the Eiffel Tower is a mess as they are building some sort of new floor on the first landing. Part of it will be transparent so I guess you can look down and there will be meeting rooms and the restaurant on that level will be renovated as well. One of the elevators is closed while they do this so there were longer lines than usual to go up on the only elevator. You can go up stairs to the second level if you have the energy. I’ve done it twice.

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  1. How creative of you to come up with the pictures of the different coloured blossoms and the Eiffel Tower!! Lovely.

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