The Beach

We are at our beach place for a week. We have had mostly beautiful weather and it’s so nice being back. I’m looking forward to the summer when we will be here full time. One of the highlights has been going to the Friday market in our village. It’s so lively and fun.

A man there repairing rafftan chairs, a profession not many do anymore. There’s a man at our Paris market who sharpens knives and scissors.

All the honey you could want. This man does all of the “harvesting” and processing himself. I love honey.

Spring fruit and vegetables are starting to arrive-most from Spain.

Beautiful cut flowers fr sale.

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  1. How great to have an early Spring 🙂 At least it sure feels early! The sun is shining here in Munich, where they are especially enthusiastic about white asparagus; I like mine green the way God intended 😉

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