Simple and Extreme

Yesterday I joined a friend for lunch. We started at Tsubami, a “Japanese bistro” and ended up at Miss Ko, an over the top Starck restaurant that we stumbled upon accidentally.

Our lunch at Tsubami was served in these cute little bamboo containers.

Here’s what was inside. It was very tasty. I liked the little vegetable sides. I thought the place was a little over-priced (or am I just cheap?) but it was packed with people and there were many there to pick up to go orders.

Then we were on our way to the George V hotel for an exhibit that didn’t exist-we think it may be there in June-when I spotted some chairs outside a restaurant with fake fur on the backs. “Look at that,” I told my friend. She said, “Look at that entrance!” So we went in and were amazed at the interior. Starck is a famous designer who started that orange juicer that looked like an alien who then went on to designing just about anything you can think of including restaurants and hotels. This place is an oriental fusion sort of place with huge paintings of tatooed and naked women and cartoon characters. These umbrella lights were over a long line of tables. The place was huge extending back at what seemed a city block.

There was also a long, long bar with TV screens showing news from Japan and a dragon went zooming by now and then. We decided to sit there and have a drink. Again, I thought it over-priced, but fun. They had bo bun on the menu, one of my favorites, at the cost of 22 Euros. I can get one for eight Euros at an authentic Thai place but you are paying for the atmosphere here and the location is right up the street from the George V, so there’s that.

Our drink, a spiffed up iced tea with fruit juices.

An enormous light fixture in the shape of a tea pot.

There was a tiny little gift shop selling cute plates and these “glamorous” champagne bottles.

4 thoughts to “Simple and Extreme”

  1. What a nice fun day that must have been! I’ll bet that Miss Ko place is hopping at night. Great photos as always.

    1. I can’t remember the name at the moment and I happen to be out of town. It is on Rue Lamarck down the street from the metro station. Hope that helps. Linda

  2. I loved seeing the food and the way it was served at the Japanese bistro. I’m afraid that the Starck-designed interior would feel more frenetic than fun for me, with too much sensory overload for those of us bothered by that sort of thing.

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