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When I read about an exhibit at the George V Hotel about the photos taken of the Beatles fifty years ago when they first arrived in Paris and stayed at this hotel, I wanted to see it so my friend, Barbara, and I set out to see it. We walked in the door expecting to see the photos set up and the lobby was bare. Several employees looked at us with puzzled expressions not knowing what we were talking about. Here was the quote from Forbes Magazine:
In honor of the 50th anniversary, the Four Seasons George V in Paris is running a photo exhibition of Benson’s iconic shots of the Beatles in the hotel, blown up and displayed in the lobby and in front of the bar (the photos accompanying this story are used with the permission of the photographer and appear in his latest (2013) book, Harry Benson: The Beatles on the Road: 1964-1966).
Doesn’t that sound like the exhibit is going on now? Finally a lady found out that it is supposed to be in June. So, in a way, it was a wasted trip but I always enjoy seeing the flower arrangements there.

They are celebrating Spring with yellow flowers.

The courtyard, still too cold for breakfasts.

Even quiet, unseen little corners aren’t forgotten.

The flower arranger, Jeff Leatham, is famous for his leaning flowers.

I looked in the gift shop and saw a children’s book of triplets at the George V and saw that they also have plates with scenes from the book, sort of like Heloise at the Plaza.

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