Well, we are back home from Ibiza and now it all seems like a dream. Maurice’s daughter has an apartment in Dalt Vila, the old part of Eivissa, the main city in Ibiza (an island off the coast of Spain) where we were lucky enough to stay. She arrived a couple of days before we left and showed us a few of her favorite places. I have all sorts of photos and will be making two posts with them.

As you might expect, the Greeks and Romans were here and evidence of their time here was evident.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and everything was closed. Many places started opening a few days later as Easter crowds were expected. We found this little pastry shop. I thought the poster showed Salvidor Dali but it turned out to be the owner of the shop who indeed did sport a fun mustache.

Just one example of the many photos I took of doors and windows-my addiction.

Maurice and I drove up the western coast a bit and found a tiny village with this pristine church. Most every building seemed to be painted white.

The old village where we stayed, is on the top of a hill and, therefore, we did a lot of climbing. From where we parked the car to the apartment where we stayed were 86 steps-a good work out. Most of the apartments or houses there had wonderful little patios with a view of the harbor down below.

I especially loved the way these curtains were tied.

This house was for sale and looked old and in need of work, but I sure did like the front garden.

The main square in Dalt Vila had this Greek Temple like covered market every morning.

I was sitting outside at a cafe and saw this shadow. The sun was shining on some clothes lines with clothes pins and I thought it looked like a sheet of music.

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  1. My personal to-do list includes lots of time on Mediterranean and Adriatic islands. Yesterday HGTV showed a young couple renting an apartment in Korcula (a delightful island in Croatia) for US$300 a month! Is that possible? I was briefly in Korcula about 3 years ago and loved it (I love all of coastal Croatia). I’ll return to Korcula for a day in September — I may be required to do some research then! I think living on an island would be perfect. Because I’m a travel agent I have the possibility of going to Ibiza next year on a cruise. Your pictures encourage me to make that happen.


  2. Sounds like a lovely trip…and how lucky to have the use of your daughter-in-law’s apartment.

    The curtains truly are unique and I love your “sheet music” photo.

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