Ibiza 2

More photos from the photographic island of Ibiza.

A picture of Dalt Vila from across the harbor.

We had sangria a couple of times. We went into a restaurant, le Tomate acutally, and it was owned by French people, with French music on the radio and waiters who spoke French. Two girls were sitting there with a pitcher of White Sangria and a plate of mixed tapas so we ordered a pitcher ourselves. It was very good. Unfortunately, we ordered steak instead of the tapas. The meat was cut very strangely butchered and difficult to eat and I had to cut off pieces here and there around fat and, I guess, sinew (whatever holds meat together), and then Maurice tells me that Spain is known for that. I wish he had remembered before we ordered. The sangria made up for it.

Maurice’s daughter took us to a fun place on the beach where we had sangria made with champagne, new to me. Also very good.

We had paella too because Spain….

A look at the restaurant itself. I felt like I was in Mexico, which I used to dearly love and, to add to the magic, there was a jazzy rendition of Bessa Me Mucho playing as we walked in, my favorite Mexican song.

Another day we went inland and ate at a funky little place which the owner had made into an art gallery full of work by his favorite artists from Chile.

We went into a little church there and, instead of wax candles to light in front of saints or Mary or Jesus, there was this covered collection of battery operated candles and, if you put in enough money, a little light would come on for the amount of time you wanted. No cheating here and they didn’t have to keep up a supply of candles either.

A view of the coast with little fishing shacks down below.

Orange juice on a terrace in the sun the day we left.

Good bye sunshine and blue water. We arrived back to Paris with gray skies and heavy traffic and metros. It was a nice break.

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  1. Loved seeing the restaurants, imagining having sangria in the warm sun. We’re usually seeing hot temperatures this time of year here in Central Texas, but the temperature was 46 degrees F when I headed out this morning for my morning jog/walk with my golden retriever. It will warm up today, but it was an unusually cold winter for us and has been an unusual spring, too.

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