rue Saint-Honoré

Before I went to Ibiza I was at the WH Smith bookstore getting a guide to Ibiza and decided to roam down the nearby rue Saint-Honoré, a very nice street full of mostly high end shops.

I looked into the new Madarin Oriental Hotel. It’s very nice but I soon got a “may I help you” from the staff so left.

Roses waiting to be made into a beautiful creation at, I think, Costes flower shop.

I passed by Place Vendome, the location of the Ritz Hotel, now undergoing renovation.

Chocolate shops abound and are getting ready for Easter.

This is the interior of Colette, a concept store full of the newest things in the fashion and art world. They were just robbed of 600,000 Euros worth of watches so I wandered in out of curiosity. It looked the same as always, full of mostly young, hip people.The watches are kept in a large glass container.

A door handle that I liked.

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