Seen in the Marais

I have the habit of chewing gum. I think I’ve done it most of my life. I remember my Dad chewing gum as I grew up, my ex did it all the time mostly as a way to keep his breath fresh and I started and have just continued on. Sometimes I unfortunately pop it. I know this is annoying. A friend once even asked me to stop which made me realize it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I’ve gotten looks by people sitting near me too. I read that the Queen of England was offended when the mother of Princess Catherine chewed gum around her and considered it low class. I chew gum not only after a meal, especially if it involved garlic or onions, but because my mouth is often dry. I think I am drying up as I age with dry eyes, dry lips and dry mouth my constant companions. When I did tours and did a lot of talking I chewed gum just so I wouldn’t have to carry a bottle of water around leading to a search for a toilet. I chew gum when I exercise too so I don’t need water. Anyway, the other day I asked Maurice if my gum chewing bothered him, expecting him to saw no as he has never mentioned it before. He paused and then said, “Sometimes”. I was astounded. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” and he said, “In a marriage sometimes you just have to bear things”. “You mean you bear it?” I couldn’t believe it. Guess I’ll stop chewing gum.
So, anyway, here are a few more shots of the Marais area in Paris-one of my favorites.

Seen in the window of a cafe. I thought the names of the drinks were funny.

I love the architecture of this building. I’m so glad it wasn’t torn down.Haussman tore down 60% of the buildings in Paris when he was changing the look of Paris under Napoleon III but missed the Marais.

I just thought this was very strange. I’ve never been taken outside by an optometrist, if this is what the man is.

I’m sure there was another statue here in this niche, Mary in fact, but I like this one.

3 thoughts to “Seen in the Marais”

  1. I started chewing sugarless bubble gum a while ago as a way to feel I had eaten without getting more calories and then I read where chewing gum helps to fight gum disease because it bathes your mouth. So I’m chewing gum after each meal – but I don’t do it in public. Funny – my husband never chews gum – think he sees it as low-class but I can’t convince him not to talk with food in his mouth and to keep his mouth closed when he chews. To me that is unmannerly!

  2. What a good man that Maurice is! I don’t chew gum because it makes my jaw sore. But I identify with you re: drying up – especially my eyes–I now put drops in when I go to bed. I know one person who chews gum – she does it after she’s had a cigarette, so we won’t know it – she thinks!

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