Hamburger in Paris

I was had a hamburger once in Maui at a place called Hamburger in Paradise, which Maui really is. I bought a t-shirt there too which I still have. Hamburgers have become the next big thing in Paris and I’ve tried a few of them here and there. The Carreau du Temple, a large glass building in the Marais, had just been renovated so Maurice and I went there to have a look and to have a hamburger at one of the food trucks that were going to be there. There was a fee to get inside the building but I didn’t really want to see the interior so, no problem.

Here it is from across the street. You can see the two food trucks that were there in front, one selling burgers, the other fish and chips.

A look at the front.

Two burgers waiting to be wrapped.

Mine. It was very good and the fries were great too.

We ate them at the pretty park nearby where spring had made an appearance.

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