Lovely Park

I was at the grounds of the Roland Garros Tennis grounds the other day. As you walk to it from the Port d’Auteuil metro stop you pass a lovely park and an even lovelier glass conservatory. I had a little extra time so decided to have a look. The park is part of the Bois de Boulogne, a place I’ve seen very little of-it’s huge. One of these days I need to rent a bike and explore it. I live in the East side of Paris and this is on the west side.

Here is the view from the street. Isn’t it beautiful?

Inside it is full of tropical plants. It’s immediately humid and stuffy when you step in, with water, birds and paths going through the plants.

A look at the pond inside. It had huge koi in it.

There was a smaller building too with cactus.

Like many parks in Paris, you aren’t allowed on the grass.

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