At The Beach

We are back at our place on the beach. It’s going to be an interrupted summer this year as we return to Paris in ten days for a brief trip to England, come back here, then in July meet my son and his family in Sardenia, back here until September when we then head to the States to visit family and friends and do a bit of exploring until we end up in New York City where Maurice will do the marathon in November. It sounds kind of exhausting but we want to do as much as we can while we can.

We arrive via the TGV from Paris (in a little over three hours) at the beautiful la Rochelle train station. I noticed this time as we were standing outside, that there was a plaque saying that Jewish men, women and children were sent to concentration camps from this station. Hard to imagine times like that.

The tide, when it goes out, goes waaaay out and boats are left on the sand until the tide returns. It’s why this area is so great for oysters. Our neighbor said that she heard that something “infected” the oysters and that they won’t be edible this year. I hope she’s wrong. Not that I eat them, but just for the economy here of all of those involved in this industry.

I am back to looking at the sunset every evening from our balcony. The weather is still too chilly to eat outside even though we have entered June. We were able to eat outside only twice in the evening when the wind stopped blowing. There is glass on the protective barrier on our balcony and, while it is nice to be able to look through the glass at the beach and ocean, it is a really pain to clean and after a winter not being cleaned, it was a mess. I bought a long handled device with a sponge on one side and a squeegee on the other side and I lean over to clean the glass on the beach side trying not to lean over too far and fall, scrubbing the glass, then using the squeegee finding out that the soapy water falls on the porch and table of my neighbor below so I try to use less water. Then I use a little Windex to make sure it isn’t streaky. Then I do the inside of the glass which is a much easier job. I was rewarded for my efforts, not only for having a clear view through the glass, but when my neighbors remarked on how clean it was and I was asked how I did it. I wish they had fixed the glass on a little gate so it could be opened and cleaned. There are also tiny squares at the bottom that I can never reach. Who designs these things?

A photo of the beach one morning when I was out “jogging”. You can’t really call what I do jogging but I am out there moving. It’s very invigorating along the water.

3 thoughts to “At The Beach”

  1. Love that last photo. So dramatic. I thought you were going to say your neighbor complained about the dripping onto her balcony. Having doors that open for cleaning sounds like a fabulous idea.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Wish I was there! Love your picture of the LaRochelle train station — very interesting angle.


  3. I am sure those panels on your balcony was designed by a man! LOL

    That last photo looks like a painting….gorgeous!

    Very wise to travel while you can as you never know what might happen. I wish I had done more. One day I was fine, the next day I had cancer, and my life as I knew it was over.


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