Paris Again

It seems like a long time since I was last in Paris but it’s only been a couple of weeks. I came back by myself to see a play that I had tickets for, Maurice is staying for a meeting. I was supposed to leave today, on Wednesday, but I decided to come back a day earlier as there is a strike involving trains and RERs in France and I was worried that my train would be cancelled. I ended up sitting in one of those places with four seats that face each other where you can’t stretch out your legs and there’s no privacy, not that I need it while I just read, but I don’t like facing a stranger being inspected or ignored for over three hours. Also, I was in a section of a car mostly used by families so we had babies and toddlers around us but most of them were no problem. The strike was due to start at 7PM and I was worried our train due to arrive at 8PM would slow or stop in solidarity but it didn’t and I was soon home by metro. I’m glad I wasn’t going to take a taxi as they have decided to strike too. The strikes are a part of France that I really don’t like. I understand their purpose but don’t like the inconvenience. I’m cranky that way. A courtyard pigeon woke me up at dawn. The sound is magnified in courtyards bouncing off the walls and into my open bedroom window to cool off the room along with the early June sun. Oh, well. I can always take a nap. Here are some Paris photos I took before I left for the beach. Almost seems like a dream now.

I joined a friend at a very nice restaurant. I loved the interior.

Isn’t that rock wall great?

Very elegant.

Saw these in a flower shop down the street. I liked how they were arranged. Very Parisian in feel.

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